Accountability matters to United Way and to you.
United Way works because it is:


Your local United Way is governed by a local volunteer board of directors and your donation is directed to individuals who need it, right here, in Linn County.


Through the extensive use of community volunteers and sponsors, which have a commitment to this community, United Way is able to maintain a low overhead. United Way is the most efficient way to help the most people. Help more than one person, one charity, or one issue by magnifying the investment of many in the community creating positive, measurable change.


Trained volunteers review agency programs and budgets, making sure your gift to the United Way Community Impact Fund is invested in programs that have proven they are making a difference in our community. United Way currently funds over 40 different programs run by local health and human service agencies.


A proven, organized system, United Way surveys the local community to continuously evaluate our community’s most critical needs and direct funds to those areas that will have the most positive impact in our community. United Way of Linn County is working to facilitate action among partners, issue advocacy, measure results, lend our expertise, leverage our relationships, investing funds that will create a breakthrough—we will do whatever it takes to get the results our community needs

For your review, and our transparancy weve provided the following. 

UWLC 2018-19 Budget

UWLC 2017-18 Budget 

UWLC 2016 Financials

UWLC 2016 990