Linn County CAN

Who We Are

Linn CAN promotes the safety and wellbeing of Linn County’s children and young people by raising public awareness of child abuse and neglect and their impacts. This is accomplished by developing, promoting and implementing effective prevention strategies and programs.

Linn CAN is guided by a Steering Committee composed of law enforcement, educators, social service, nonprofits, community members and the business community. This committee coordinates and collaborates with stakeholders as we build an extensive network of professionals, practitioners and concerned individuals who donate their time and expertise to support our strategies.

Linn CAN was formed in 2013 by a coalition of groups and individuals. The organization evolved from LCCPCA (Linn County Committee for the Prevention of Child Abuse) which was formed in 1976 and actively promoted child abuse prevention in Linn County until 2013 when Linn CAN was formed. Linn CAN is a program under the auspices of Linn County United Way. Donations are gratefully accepted and are tax deductible.

The Issue

Child abuse and neglect are significant public health issues in Linn County and have lifelong impacts. Research shows children who suffer abuse and / or neglect are at a higher risk for drug abuse, teen pregnancy, low self-esteem, involvement with law enforcement and serious long term health problems.  Not only does the individual suffer, but our communities pay a high price to provide medical care, foster care, juvenile justice and incarceration. Ultimately, society pays the price of the loss of productive citizens.

Our Mission

Linn CAN's mission is to support and encourage changes in individual and community behavior to prevent child abuse and neglect before it starts. The three pillars of our strategy are: Education & Awareness, Prevention and Advocacy.

Education & Awareness Pillar:

To make the public aware of:

·         The scope of child abuse and its consequences.

·         False perceptions relating to child abuse.

·         How individuals and organizations can help prevent or stop child abuse.

·         How to identify abuse and how to help / assist abuse survivors be safe and well.

Prevention Pillar:

·         Promoting evidence based quality child abuse prevention programs that are a fit for our county.

·         Providing resources and training to support the safety and wellbeing of children and young people.

Advocacy Pillar:

·         Examining our county policies, strategies and actions to determine how we can do a better job of keeping children safe by supporting and strengthening families.

·         Advocating for changes in policies and strategies that place the wellbeing and safety of children and young people first.

Who We Work With

Linn CAN works with multiple organizations and community members, including law enforcement, educators, social service and nonprofits, that have pledged resources and collaboration to ensure success.