Partner Agency Opportunities & Resources


Becoming a Partner Agency:

If this is your first year applying for funds you must complete a Pre-Application request. 

Submit Pre-Application to for review. 

If accepted you will complete the following>

Exisiting Partner Agencies & Approved Pre-Application Agencies:

Review Application Instructions

Complete Agency Information Application

Complete Program Information Application 

Review Funding Policies

Review Grading/Scaling sheet to prepare you for presentation:




Attend Partner Agency Training 

Submit Application electronically, along with required financial documents to



United Way is always looking for ways to make sure we are minimizing our administrative expneses, so we can maximize the dollard invested ino ur communities. 

Here’s how you can help us and speed up your own processing. Our policy requires charitable organizations receiving quarterly disbursements from United Way to receive these payments via electronic direct deposit (sometimes referred to as an EFT or ACH deposit). 

Update/initiate ACH Payments by completing this form